Strong relationships can be a big influence in your life. You meet casual friends in every walk of your life, however, they are just acquaintances. People who have a strong friendship with each other can confide and rely on each other to a higher degree. It takes time and a lot of effort to make strong relationships with friends, but once made it can last a lifetime.

It can be difficult to get accepted among new people; however, all that you need to do is to be charming and be yourself to get accepted. This could include stepping out of your comfort zone to some extent as well as going out of your way and approaching new people.

School and after-school activities


Education is a great way to meet new people. Education may not just be academic but you can also join many after school classes to meet and make new friends. You can try some fun question game to play with friends.

After-school activities or being active in class and offering to help others is a great way to bond. You can also walk up and talk to a few strangers during your lunch break in school and find some common topics to share; this will help you bond easily. If you have made a new friend in school then you can take that person along so you both would soon be able to form a group.

Other easy ways to start talking with strangers at your new school can be to ask them for help for a particular problem related to the subject or maybe request someone to ride you home if you know that person stays in your vicinity. This can help you start a conversation and eventually build it into a strong relationship.