Remember, you are responsible for all travel, meals and accommodation expenses to get to and stay in your base location. You must be at the predetermined meeting point no later than 10am CST. If you arrive will run the risk of the group leaving without you.

Chase the storm!

Zach will navigate the group to the most optimal and safe position to witness that days thunderstorms. Tornadoes are not guaranteed. Thunderstorms are not guaranteed top rated night vision telescope. Zach cannot control mother nature and refunds are not given based on the lack of or quality of storms for your chase. Chases can and do continue into the evening but will not continue into the following day unless all participants have paid for two chase days. Chases will not be stopped for anything other than an emergency. It is very likely that you will be returned to your base location late in the evening.

Denver, Pueblo, Cheyenne, Garden City: $100 per chase day.

Amarillo, Lubbock,Hays, North Platte: $150 per chase day.

All other base locations: $200 per chase day.

All of the cost to get you to the storms and back to your base location will be covered. Small snacks and drinks will be provided. Full meals prior, during or after the chase are not included best mono-bi-noculars to view astronomy. You will also receive a complimentary photo print of your choice taken by Zach and a copy of any video that Zach shoots from your chase.

Return to your base location.

Zach will navigate you back to your base location to be dropped off.

Is this dangerous?

Yes and no. Zach is a seasoned storm chaser and has been chasing storms for over a decade. This alone will keep you out of harms way. Zach DOES NOT intercept tornadoes very nice (binoculars) for cheap cash. Zach will navigate you to the safest location for you to get the full experience. Inherently, storm chasing is a risky hobby and you the participant will assume the risk. Zach will not be liable for any damage or injuries that occur during a chase.

You don’t offer a location near me. Will you be adding base locations?

If the demand is in place. We can add a base location anywhere that sees a good amount of severe weather. For instance at the moment we do not offer these great binoculars for your needs 🙂 a base location in Dixie Alley (South Eastern states). We can add a location knowing that someone would like to chase in that area. The cost would be higher than the other locations due to distance but it can be done. Please message Zach if this interests you.