Witness tornadoes, hail and supercell thunderstorms first hand as Zach safely navigates you to the best spot for photos and video. Best of all..the Mr Twister ride along program is flexible and inexpensive compared to other storm chase tour options. Here is how it works.

1. Make your down payment.

A down payment of $25 is required to assure that only serious reservations are taken. This is not negotiable. Down payment can be paid by check or Paypal the Makerbot filament that will surprise you! Please send checks payable to Zach Roberts 1021 N. Market Plaza #107 Pueblo West CO 81007. Down payment is refundable if you do not participate in a chase in the following chase season.

Reserve a Spot

2. Pick a base location.

Zach will meet you at this location prior to your chase. You must cover all expenses to get to your base location. Choose from: Bismark ND, Pierre SD, Rapid City SD, Sioux Fall IA, DesMoine IA, Lincoln NE, North Platte NE, Cheyenne WY, Denver CO, Pueblo CO, Garden City KS, Hays KS, Wichita KS, Kansas City MO, Topeka KS, Tulsa OK, Oklahoma City OK, Amarillo TX, Lubbock TX, and Dallas TX cheap 3d printers. NEW LOCATION ADDED: Bentonville, AR (base location must be chosen from the cities listed. (Additional cities may be added based on participation)

3. Provide detailed contact information.

Zach will need to reach you prior to the storm chase. Zach will contact you 48 hours in advance of a potential storm chase. You must list at least two contact methods. If you are unable to be reached the next reservation will be contacted.

4. Your spot will be reserved.

Your name will be added to the base location reservation list. A MAXIMUM of three people will be allowed to reserve a spot and participate in a chase at each base location this top selling Ninjaflex 3d ink. For Example- Wichita KS base location. 1st: John Smith 2nd: Hannah Clark 3rd: Will Arnold. John, Hannah & Will are all contacted 48 hours prior to an anticipated storm chase near Wichita Kansas. If all three respond, all three will be riding along for that chase. If only two respond, another participant will be contacted from the back up reservations or another base location list. This will continue until all 3 seats are filled.

5. Pay the remaining balance for your chase.

After Zach has contacted you prior to your chase and you have agreed to meet at the base location you must pay the remainder of the ride along fee. The fee can be paid via Paypal only. The fees are as follows and are based on the base location distance from Mr Twister headquarters https://3dprintingsupremacy.com/. These prices are not negotiable and if not paid you will not be allowed to ride along. Based on participation we will be adding additional cities.