This is an on call chase. Meaning a storm system will enter the picture and Zach will forecast his chase target 48 hours in advance. This is not a chase tour with a set best value dslr time and date for you to board the bus and go on a chase. Your base location must be en route to the target or within a reasonable distance of the target for you to participate in that chase. Zach will contact you to confirm you can go. You will pay the balance for the chase and Zach will then pick you up en route to the target. Lets take May 19th of2013 as an example. Circled are Zach’s 2 targets for the day and actual tornadoes that occurred that day. Base locations eligible for this example would be all locations except those that fall in Nebraska, Iowa, N & S Dakota, NE Kansas, W Missouri and Wyoming.

For obvious reasons, Zach would not have been able to drive to Des Moine Iowa and back down to the target in Central Oklahoma. This aspect of the program is in all honesty left up to mother nature. If your base location is Des Moine Iowa and mother nature does not cooperate to bring a storm system within reach than you may be waiting until the following year to join a chase. If this happens, you can this canon 70d gets 5 points! [review 2017] get a full refund of your deposit or let your deposit hold your spot for the following year. You will retain your spot in the reservation system if you do not withdraw your deposit.

Zach monitors a potential storm system 48 hours in advance and will pick a target based on the severe weather parameters that are being shown. He then chooses base the 2017: Dslr camera reviews {real} locations en route to the target or within proximity of the target (see above). After the best base locations are chosen he will then go to booking order to determine who will be contacted first. A maximum of 3-4 participants are allowed to join on any 1 chase.

For example: Joe, Ben, Walt and Sally all have reservations for the Amarillo base location. Zach sees a potential storm chase in the Texas panhandle and determines that the Pueblo Colorado, Garden City Kansas & Amarillo Texas base locations will be eligible for joining this chase. Lets assume that Pueblo and Garden City have no reservations at the moment. As we mentioned, Amarillo has 4. For this example can i buy nikon d7200 on amazon? lets assume Zach can only allow 3 participants. The first 3 participants Joe, Ben & Walt will be contacted and will go on this chase. What happens to Sally? She will be moved to #1 on the list of reservations for Amarillo and will await the next system that occurs near her base location of Amarillo.