Yes. Most severe thunderstorm events are no longer than three days. You are free to go for as many days as you would like but you must pay the per day fee get samsung gear on best promotion – 2017. The minimum chase time is one day. Yes. Zach will provide access to his mobile internet connection (when he has it active)

If no storms occur or I don’t see a tornado can I get a refund?

No, we are not in control of the weather and we do not issue refunds for lack of storms or lack of quality storms. This is part of storm chasing.

Where will we chase?

The location for your chase is dependent on 2 things the location of the storm system and the location of your base. Zach does not chase storm systems that fall out of this area oculus rift on pc so in turn will not be eligible for the storm chase ride along. This area will be reviewed and changed if need be.

The map below is an outline of the area that is considered prime chase area.

Can I go on multiple chases?

Sure, you will just be required to pay per day as stated above. Chase days can be purchased in a bundle and a discount will be applied if multiple days are purchased. If you chase once and would like to chase again you must add your name to the reservation list for your base location again.

Can I choose any base location?

Of course. However, you must cover all expenses related to travel and lodging to get to your base location.

Can we get a discount if I bring a second person?

Yes a discount is available if you have more than one reservation. The $25 will still be needed for each person.

why VR Shinecon is small and cheap? Do I have to pay the down payment when I make my reservation?

Yes, down payment must be paid for the first three reservations for each base location. The down payment is $25 and is refundable if you do not chase at all that season. After the third reservation a down payment is not required until your reservations moves up the list into the 1st, 2nd or 3rd spot.

What times of year will Zach call me to go on a chase?

The most active part of the season will be April, May and June but Zach could contact in any month depending on the chase opportunity that is presented. You can decline the invitation and the next reservation will then be contacted. If you decline you will NOT lose your spot and the htc vive you need to buy – cheap too will be called again for the next chase opportunity.

This is the first time that Mr Twister will be offering this type of program so please do not hesitate to contact Zach with questions or concerns. This program will evolve based on your feedback and participation.